The £100,000 IIF which was announced in September 2019 attracted a huge amount of interest, with close to £400,000 worth of applications from over 50 groups submitted. We have now committed the whole £100k, which has meant some difficult decisions along the way; however, we are delighted as to where the funds are being spent.  A few examples:

£5,000 to Lockerbie Ice Rink and Curling School, for new curling equipment such as brushes, pads, sliders and delivery sticks; and also to allow for all children’s coaching sessions to be free for the 2019/20 season.

£3,000 to Langholm Playcare for; 1) enhancing small outside play area by upgrading the surfacing, erecting a child-friendly barrier and purchasing a two-way walkie talkie system, and 2) to purchase a CCTV system to enhance safety and security.

£5,000 towards the Lockerbie Gala Day.

£5,000 to Waterbeck Church, to go towards refurbishment costs.

£1,125 to Lockerbie Girl Guides, to pay for patio tables and a fire pit for outdoor cooking in the garden outside their building.

£5,000 to Langholm Pipe Band, to pay for new equipment and clothing, such as kilts, jackets, glengarry hats and drum sticks.

Many thanks to all who spent the time in preparing and submitting an application. To see a full list of IIF recipients, please click here.

Muirhall Energy is firmly of the belief that community involvement is an extremely vital part of the wind farm development process.

Through engagement at the earliest possible opportunity, we aim to create meaningful and valuable relationships with local residents, businesses and organisations. In doing so, we establish trust and build a platform upon which we involve the community at all stages of development.
Our work with communities is at the core of every project we develop.


Muirhall Energy works with partner agencies to offer up to 10% shared ownership in every wind farm we develop.


In line with the Scottish Government’s ‘best-practice’ guidelines, Muirhall Energy provides community benefit of £5,000 per MW installed, to the local communities surrounding our wind developments.

We currently provide the communities of our Muirhall Windfarm Extension, with an industry-leading £10,500 per MW, as having our own community support is critical to our company success.


Muirhall is extremely proud to be in a unique partnership with Springboard UK – a charity dedicated to promoting hospitality and tourism as the career of choice through the UK, by helping young and unemployed people improve their prospects.

Although we are currently only offer the Springboard programmes in Dumfries and Galloway, we are keen to extend the programmes to areas surrounding new developments, should the communities be interested. To find out more, click the Crossdykes or Loganhead links.


Supporting good causes is key to our community commitments. As well as our continued community-focused sponsorship, Muirhall Energy is proud to deliver ongoing sponsorship for RSABI – Scotland’s charity for helping people who have depended on the land,and The Haven Centre, Forth – a Lanarkshire charity offering support for those with Life-Limiting Illness.