Muirhall Investment in Communities = £1,076,254

Muirhall Energy is firmly of the belief that community engagement is an extremely vital part of the wind farm development process. Through engagement at the earliest possible opportunity, we aim to create meaningful and valuable relationships with the communities local to our projects, and establish trust and a platform to which we can involve the community at all stages of development.

At the heart of our business is a commitment to local good causes. We aim to create real opportunities for individuals, businesses, groups and projects in the communities close to our developments.

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Muirhall Energy is working with Local Energy Scotland to offer 10% shared ownership in each of our developments at Crossdykes, CaplichLoganhead and Priestgill. Caplich is one of the first large-scale wind projects in the UK to offer shared ownership.

Community Benefit

In line with the Scottish Government’s ‘best-practice’ guidelines, Muirhall Energy provides community benefit of £5,000 per MW installed, to the local communities surrounding our wind developments.
We currently provide the communities of our Muirhall Windfarm Extension, with an industry-leading £10,500 per MW, as having our own community support is critical to our company success.
Unlike many developers, Muirhall makes monetary contributions to councils and communities local to our Feed In Tariff (FIT) projects.
To date, over £560,000 has been paid into South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Fund. These funds are distributed at the council’s discretion to worthwhile causes.

Partnerships for Further Training OpportunitiesSpringbord

Muirhall is extremely proud to be in a new and exciting partnership with Springboard UK – a charity dedicated to promoting hospitality and tourism as the career of choice through the UK, by helping young and unemployed people improve their prospects. Although we are currently only offering the Springboard programmes in Dumfries and Galloway, we are keen to progress the programmes in areas surrounding new developments, should the communities be interested. To find out more, click the Crossdykes or Loganhead links.

Muirhall has also provided £14,000 to the communities surrounding our Caplich development to invest in skills and training opportunities in the Sutherland, Ross and Cromarty regions.

Local Contracting

Muirhall Energy encourage contracts for the construction, operation and maintenance of their wind farms to be placed with local companies wherever possible and commercially viable.

Construction of our wind farms will present new or continued employment opportunities for the local areas surrounding our developments. During construction, there would also be indirect benefits such as supply of materials, hotel accommodation and increased revenue for local services and facilities.

To find out more, on what is being offered in the communities surrounding each of our developments, have a look on our project pages.


Supporting good causes is key to our community commitments. Muirhall Energy are therefore proud to deliver ongoing sponsor for RSABI – Scotland’s charity for helping people who have depended on the land; and Livingston Football Club Youth Team.

Muirhall has recently also sponsored The Scottish  Green Energy Awards, The Young Profesionals Green Energy Awards and continues to support and sponsor organisations, events and good causes local to our wind developments.

To find out more on what has been sponsored near to our developments, visit the individual Community and News section on each particular Project’s page.

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