Senior pupils at Langholm academy have been given a taste of a career in the hospitality industry. The S4 and S5 pupils participated in the introduction to hospitality programme, run by national charity Springboard and sponsored by Muirhall Energy.

The teenagers spent three days in the hospitality industry. They met business owners and operators and had hands-on experiences to gain a better understanding of the significance of the industry in this area, what career options were available and routes to entry. One of the visits was to Whitelee windfarm visitor centre to experience a windfarm as a tourist attraction. T

Fiona Colley, Springboard’s South Scotland regional manager, said she had the pleasure of working with the pupils for three days and they were a credit to themselves, their families and school. She said:

“They were appreciative, mannerly and asked amazing questions so well done team. We’ve been trying to get young people engaged in one of the mainstays of Dumfries and Galloways economy. We don’t have enough young blood coming through so we want to encourage young people to come in.

We work with pupils, the unemployed young people facing challenges and people who want to return to work. The programme was designed to be a hands-on, immersive experience. What makes it successful is the commitment and support from the industry – business owners, managers, chefs and other staff. They open their doors to us and give great experiences to our students.”

Jason Morin, Muirhall Energy’s Project Assistant, said the company is based in a small rural community and they were aware of the importance of working with communities.

He said:

“Through our consultation work here we’ve recognised that hospitality and tourism are very important to the economy. I’m delighted we now have a partnership with Springboard and have put the hospitality programme into Langholm.”

Mary Hinds said:

“I didn’t know much about hospitality and thought it was good to get an insight into what you can do. I learned there are a lot more jobs than I thought. One of the things I learned was to waitress properly. I would like to apply to Smiths Hotel for a job when I turn 16”

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13th October 2015

CDLH. Springboard Hospitality Trip