On 2nd May 2014, Muirhall Energy were proud to welcome the local school children from Auchengray Primary School, the P3’s and 4’s from Carnwath Primary School and Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell, to open the two turbine Muirhall Windfarm Extension.

Ribbons were cut and the turbines named by the winners of the competition run by Muirhall Energy for the pupils of the local schools, who were joined by their class mates on this exciting chance to see the wind turbines up close.

“Renewable Revolution” was named and opened by Aimee Challioner, Jamie Waddell, Caleb Morrison and Louise Brownlie from Carnwath Primary School who won the competition.

With their thoughts on renewable energy:

“…We also think it’s a good source of energy because it helps the environment. We think it’s a good source of energy because the wind never stops. We think the wind is a good source of energy for homes and work places”.

Ryan Bradshaw, Robert Marshall and Thomas Wilson from Auchengray Primary opened the second turbine “Electric Emily”.

Saying in their winning narrative:

“….This (the wind) helps us to look after our planet by not using coal. Thomas thinks Coal is pretty hard to get as we are beginning to use it all up. Ryan and Robert would like to use the wind instead!

Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell was also in attendance to support the local children and said:

“It was lovely to see the children from Auchengray and Carnwath Primary Schools who had the opportunity to name the new turbines – their imagination in coming up with the names was impressive! They thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of experiencing the turbines up close, whilst gaining a greater understanding of the benefits of renewable energy.”

Managing Director, Chris Walker said:

“Muirhall Windfarm Extension is an exciting project for us and sharing the success of our developments is at the heart of our business. The turbines will generate clean electricity for the benefit of us all and as a whole the Muirhall Windfarm developments have contributed more than £15 million in contracts to businesses in and around South Lanarkshire. Keeping investment and employment local is something of which we are all extremely proud.”

Muirhall Windfarm Extension will contribute approximately £1.7 million to the wider community, through the South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Fund, throughout its 25 year operational life. Of the £1.7 million, £51,000 will be contributed per annum to the local WAT IF.

5th May 2014