With expertise in wind energy and on farm generation, Muirhall Energy’s dedicated team is approachable, and focused on delivering your project. Our team helps us to provide a full development service from the initial feasibility study through to planning consent, project financing, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Chris Walker : Managing Director & Founder

Chris Walker

Managing Director & Founder

Chris has a track record of success with small businesses and started in the renewable energy sector in 2003. Having acquired and moved to Muirhall Farm he acutely understands the desire and need to diversify farms and landholdings.

By 2009 Chris had demonstrated his drive and perseverance and had guided the six-turbine Muirhall Windfarm from concept, through planning to construction and operation, at a cost of £24m. This, amongst other business ventures, has allowed Chris to understand and build up an impressive amount of experience in financial management - the underlying key to any businesses success.
Colin Williams : Director of Wind Development

Colin Williams

Director of Wind Development

Originally an Ecology graduate, Colin holds a Masters in Energy and Certificate in Business Administration. He has been heavily active in the wind sector in Scotland and Northern England for over a decade, establishing Wind Prospect’s Edinburgh Office in 2002. Colin is also a Chartered Scientist and sits on the Scottish Renewables Onshore Wind Environment Group.

He was responsible for the identification and initial development of a number of operating and consented wind farms, including Burnfoot Hill (26MW), Longpark (38MW), Green Rigg (36MW) and Burnhead (26MW).
Nikki Kelso : Contracts, Legal and HR Manager

Nikki Kelso

Contracts, Legal and HR Manager

Nikki is a local resident to the Muirhall office and wind farm and has been with the company since its beginnings in 2009. Formerly a practising lawyer, with 13 years’ experience in rural and urban private practice, she focuses on delivering our legal and commercial agreements in a responsive, commercial, flexible, and equitable way and believes that practical and simple solutions are best for all parties.

Nikki is heavily involved in a number of other aspects of our projects including planning, financing, procurement and contract development. As an Associate Member of the CIPD, she is  also our HR Manager and is your contact if you are interested in a position with us.
Alastair Yule : Senior Development Manager

Alastair Yule

Senior Development Manager

Prior to joining Muirhall, Alastair worked for RWE Npower Renewables as a Project developer for 5 years and before that as an Environmental manager for a planning consultancy in the south of England.

Alastair has an in-depth knowledge of the onshore wind development process having managed a number of ‘Major’ and Section 36 onshore wind applications throughout Scotland, including the now operational Burn of Whilk wind farm (22.5MW) in Caithness. He has a degree in Environmental Management and is an associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.
Peter Marshall : Senior Project Manager

Peter Marshall

Senior Project Manager

Peter has been with Muirhall since 2010 and during this time, has secured development sites, planning consents and grid connections for several of our built developments. His experience ranges from Feed in Tariff developments to large scale Section 36 wind farms.

Peter has been involved in the policy-making and project level delivery for the government backed drive for communities to hold a shared ownership in renewable energy developments. Peter is qualified in surveying and planning and originally comes from a sheep and cattle farming background.
Mike Molleson : Project Manager

Mike Molleson

Project Manager

Mike is an experienced project manager, with direct experience of gaining planning consents for commercial onshore wind projects and full delivery of the EIA process. He has a Master’s in Renewable Engineering as well as a Master’s in IT.

Prior to joining Muirhall Energy, Mike worked for a Renewable Energy Consultancy working closely with a developer on a portfolio of projects. Mike has also worked professionally, as an IT consultant; software developer/team leader; audio/visual technician, adding a breadth of experience to the team.
Lynette Deacon : Technical Manager

Lynette Deacon

Technical Manager

Lynette is responsible for the production and maintenance of the companies cartography, GIS, and wind farm modelling software. In depth technical knowledge allows Lynette to assess future sites for developments, and designing sites to satisfy a range of factors.

Lynette also oversees company PR and website development contributing technical and design support. Additionally, Lynette has a BSc in Zoology and an MSc in Environmental Management, bringing a unique combination of knowledge and skills in ecology and the environment to the team, contributing to planning applications and ongoing surveying of site ecology.
Sean MacDougall : Senior Technical Asset Manager

Sean MacDougall

Senior Technical Asset Manager

Sean completed his PhD at the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences in Edinburgh. With a first class honours degree in Physics and Environmental Science, and as a previous MSc. tutor in Advanced Renewable Energy Engineering, Sean has an extensive knowledge of innovative renewable technologies from research to development.

As Technical Asset Manger, Sean is responsible for managing Muirhall Energy’s almost 60MW of operational wind farms. This involves enhancing asset performance, working with local service teams and negotiating PPAs to supply green energy. Sean also supports the development team through site assessment and optimisation as well as technical advice during procurement and construction.
Jason Morin : Project Manager

Jason Morin

Project Manager

Jason's key responsibilities include project development, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), community/stakeholder consultation, as well as overseeing company PR and social media. He works on projects through feasibility assessment into planning, including the composition of in-house planning applications, bringing  a wealth of knowledge in sustainable development, environmental issues and GIS.

Additionally, Jason was central to Muirhall's new partnership with Springboard UK and holds a BSc(Hons) in Geography from Glasgow University.
Fiona Lucas : Assistant Project Manager

Fiona Lucas

Assistant Project Manager

Fiona joined Muirhall Energy in 2017, in her first professional role since graduating. She holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Strathclyde, and her engineering background provides her with the analytical and problem solving skills that are required for tackling large wind projects. Fiona assists on all stages of project development, through feasibility assessments, into planning. Her proficiency in statistics and engineering theory allow her to assist on the technical elements of the projects. She supports the team with GIS, the preparation of technical reports, assists with PR and participates in carrying out site surveys.
Wacek Kaczmarczyk : Accounts Manager

Wacek Kaczmarczyk

Accounts Manager

Wacek brings a broad range of financial skills to the business having spent 15 years in various financial and commercial roles. Much of his experience involved liaising with overseas subsidiaries and multi-national computer manufacturers. Prior to joining Muirhall, Wacek was the financial controller of a Scottish scallop trawling business and he was instrumental in guiding that company through due diligence and a successful sale to a major UK shellfish operation.

He enjoys a “hands on” approach to financial management and believes in establishing solid working relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
Barry Millar : Management Accountant

Barry Millar

Management Accountant

Barry joined Muirhall Energy in the summer of 2017, bringing with him 25 years of professional accountancy experience. Much of this experience was gained in professional practice, assisting small to medium sized businesses to comply with their statutory reporting and regulatory requirements.  Barry’s accountancy and auditing skills bring a practical and proactive approach to all financial matters.

With a friendly and professional outlook, Barry strives to put his passion for green renewable energy to good use, building excellent working relationships with all customers, suppliers and financial stakeholders.
Debbie Bridges : Accounts Assistant

Debbie Bridges

Accounts Assistant

Debbie started her career as a Research Scientist for a pharmaceuticals company in Edinburgh, before leaving to set up and run her own equestrian business which has been operating successfully for the last 15 years.

Debbie joined Muirhall Energy in 2014 and now applies her business skills to provide accounting and administrative assistance to the Muirhall Team. She brings the analytical mind of a scientist to the spreadsheets she tackles on a daily basis. Debbie is also a local resident to Muirhall and holds a BSc in Applied Chemistry.
Kenny Christie : Construction Manager

Kenny Christie

Construction Manager

As a Degree qualified Civil Engineer, Kenny brings 22 years experience gained in the civil engineering & building industry. He has held positions as both an engineer and manager working for a broad scope of contractors. Works include large scale groundworks to multi storey steel construction and geotechnical engineering/mining consolidation.

Kenny now oversees the daily construction activities on new wind farm development, where his expertise and 'hands-on' approach to coordinating sub contractors and all parties, enables the safe and timely completion of projects.
Mhairi Frain : Relationship Manager

Mhairi Frain

Relationship Manager

Mhairi brings a unique insight and wealth of experience to the team.  Prior to joining Muirhall Energy in 2017 Mhairi was working as Office Manager with a Member of Parliament located in the Scottish Borders. Previous to her role of Office Manager, Mhairi was a primary school teacher. This breadth of experience in a variety of roles allows Mhairi to step into the wind industry with a fresh outlook. Mhairi’s communication and organisational skills are highly valuable in her role as Relationship Manager, as she steers the public image of the company. This involves promoting the company, helping to produce press releases and news articles, and fostering good relationships within the industry.

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