Scotland’s First Minister has announced that the country’s communities are benefitting from £10million every year from renewable energy projects.

Nicola Sturgeon broke the news in her keynote speech to the Scottish Green Energy Awards last night, highlighting the Scottish Government’s commitment to renewable energy and ensuring that communities benefit from these developments.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Our national guidance has encouraged developers to increase the value of the community benefits they offer. Communities across Scotland are now receiving over £10 million a year from onshore renewable projects. That figure is set to rise.

“Local energy now helps to fund energy efficiency schemes, fuel poverty alleviation programmes and befriending projects which reduce isolation for elderly people. They meet local priorities because they are run by local communities.”

Woolfords, Auchengray and Tarbrax Improvement Foundation (WAT IF) is a community charity in South Lanarkshire which receives £51,000 each year from the Muirhall Wind Farm Extension to support the implementation of a local community action plan.

Development officer Jemma Black said:

“The sustainable income we receive from the Muirhall Energy project allows us to deliver community initiatives such as a community minibus trial, which is helping us to research and plan for better rural transport, and the renovation of the local hall and car park which is a vital resource.

“Having a long-term fund for our community is fantastic as it gives us the opportunity to deliver the local residents’ vision for their communities, and allows us to support many local groups through easy-to-access grant schemes.”

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4th December 2015