Muirhall Wind Farm

StatusMuirhall Proj Stats 500


Application consented January 2008


Site location plan


Total development capacity = 12.3 MW
Generating capacity = 6 X 2.05 MW = 12.3 MW


Turbine = Repower MM92
Height to blade tip = 125m
Rotor diameter = 92m
Hub Height = 79m

The Development

Muirhall Windfarm comprises 6 turbines located at Stallashaw Moss, of which a proportion of the land is owned by Chris Walker, MD of Muirhall Energy. Muirhall Windfarm was the first stage in the now 8 turbine wind farm development, constructed and now operated and owned by local business, Muirhall Energy.

Current Status

Muirhall Windfarm has been operational since 2010, and has seen its extensions (Muirhall Windfarm Extension and Muirhall South) consented through planning and operational in 2014 and 2016 respectively. The operational capacity has exceeded expectations, proving to be a highly effective electricity generating development.

Public Notification

Muirhall Windfarm was first presented to the public at a meeting in Auchengray Community Hall on 24th June 2004, chaired by James Hewlett (then Chairman of Tarbrax Community Council) with support from Ward Councillor Ian Gray. An information sheet was prepared for this meeting explaining the initial proposals. The purpose of this meeting was to ensure that the community was properly informed about the plans for the project, to address any questions that people had about the plans, and to establish a local consultation process from the outset. From this, the Wind Farm Liaison Group (WFLG) an independent, neutral body, was formed. Its purpose being to act as a conduit between all interested parties allowing information and questions to flow in both directions and of course to ensure that the local community is properly informed of the issues at hand.

Muirhall Original Snow

Community Benefits

Muirhall Windfarm has made an annual community benefit, donated to the South Lanarkshire Renewables Fund, at a rate of c.£5,000 per megawatt (index linked sum) of installed capacity, (approximately £60,000 annually, and over 4 times the Renewables Fund Contribution Rate at the date of consent).

The Council administers the ‘Stallashaw Moss Renewable Energy Fund’, which receives the community benefit donation from Muirhall Windfarm over the expected operational lifetime of 25 years. These funds represent a total investment in local initiatives from Muirhall Windfarm of £1.35m throughout its operational life, of which £1.01m is guaranteed to benefit the immediate area surrounding the site within an area designated by WATIF.

When combined with landowner rents, local authority rates and other expenses, the annual budget for local costs on the project is in the order of £186,000 per year throughout the 25 year lifetime of the project. The wind farm therefore represents a substantial long term investment into the local economy.

Since the wind farm has been operational, further donations and support have come from Muirhall Energy to individual causes such as local sporting teams and events and community care initiatives.

This significant level of community support has been made possible by the Muirhall Windfarm.

Environmental Benefits

Muirhall Windfarm is expected to produce 47,000 MWh2 of net electricity output each year. This total production of electricity equates to the equivalent annual electricity consumption of around 11,000 homes. This is significantly higher than the original estimate of 7,279 homes.
An increase in renewable energy results in a reduction of fossil fuel reliance, leading to a stable and plentiful future supply of energy with a reduction in harmful CO2 emissions. This combination of safe and sustainable energy with reduced CO2 will aid in reducing the global warming effect caused by greenhouse gasses as well as securing energy for generations to come.


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