Muirhall Wind Farm Extension

StatusMuirhall Ext Proj Stats 500


Application consented July 2012


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Site Location Plan

Current Status



Total development capacity = 6.4 MW
Generating capacity = 2 x 3.2MW


Turbine – Senvion (formerly Repower) 3.2M114
Height to blade tip = 147m
Rotor diameter = 114m
Hub Height = 90m

The Development

Muirhall Energy are proud to now have the largest onshore wind turbines in the UK. The Muirhall Windfarm Extension has seen the erection of two 147m to tip Senvion turbines heralding the new generation of onshore wind developments.

This extension is part of the locally developed, owned and operated Muirhall Windfarm owned by Muirhall Energy. Each step of this development has been personally overseen by landowner, business owner and developer Chris Walker, a local resident.

The extension will be opened with a public event in late April 2014 (date to be finalised and advertised on the website and local papers) with winners of a local primary school competition cutting the ribbons and officially naming their turbines.

Public Notification

Three public meetings were held by Tarbrax and Auchengray Community Councils to discuss the proposal and implementation of the community benefit funds.

Due to this extension setting the bar for the largest UK onshore wind turbines, several press releases have been issued during the planning phase and construction of these two turbines keeping the public, both local and wider communities, fully apprised of the developments’ progress.

Raymond Gilfedder, MD of Senvion UK, stated on 19 March 2014:
“I am delighted that the first Senvion 3.2M114 turbines in the UK have now been installed, which we believe to be the biggest onshore wind turbines in the UK. With a 114m rotor diameter, the 3.2M114 platform offers class leading performance, delivers added value to our customers, and drives efficiency improvement in onshore wind through technology innovation. I am also extremely pleased to be continuing our successful partnership with Muirhall Energy.”

For delivery of components, notices were placed around the transport route detailing the route and expected timetable for delivery of the turbines to wind farm site. In addition to this, hand delivered schedules were given to all residences along the transport route to ensure all those who may be impacted or interested in the delivery would have full knowledge of the movements.


Community Benefit

Following in the generous spirit of Muirhall Windfarm, the extension enables further contributions to the Local Council Renewable Energy Fund. In addition, ad hoc support and donations to local clubs and worthy causes are considered and gifted from Muirhall Energy, made possible by the financial contributions of Muirhall Windfarm Extension.

Muirhall Windfarm Extension makes an annual community benefit payment, donated to South Lanarkshire Council Renewable Energy Fund, at a rate of £2,500 per megawatt. In addition, £8,000 per MW is delivered through Woolfords, Auchengray and Tarbrax Improvement Foundation (WAT IF?), a charity set up by local people for the benefit of the local community.

This means that in total, Muirhall Wind Farm Extension makes payments at a rate of £10,500 per megawatt (MW) of installed capacity (an industry leading level).

Environmental Benefits

Using this static level of 430g of CO2 per kilowatt hour (kWh) proposed by renewableUK, the trade and professional body for the renewables industry in the UK, it is estimated that the CO2 off set by the proposed two wind turbine extension to Muirhall Windfarm will be in excess of 19,200 tonnes over their 25 year operational life span. This is an annual equivalent for the electricity needs of 3,787 homes in the UK. However, based on information gathered from the 4 year operation of Muirhall Windfarm, Muirhall Energy suggests that the annual equivalent for household electricity needs will be nearer to 4,700 homes for the proposed 2 turbine extension.



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