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Operational since March 2016


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Site Location Plan

Non-Technical Summary


Total development capacity = 8.25MW

Turbine output = 3 x 2.75MW


Proposed Turbine – GE 2.75-120
Height to Blade Tip = 145m
Blade Length = 60m
Hub Height = 85m

The Development

Muirhall South is situated in close proximity to Muirhall Windfarm Extension. We see this development as a natural evolution of the existing development.

Public Notification

An informal drop-in session was held on the 16 December 2013 to engage the local community and seek opinion on the proposed Muirhall South development. With a majority in favour of the proposed development, the event was seen to be informative and useful. Those residents with concerns were able to voice these concerns to the Muirhall Energy team and we, in turn, were able to act on these matters and work with the local residents to mitigate some potential issues.

Muirhall South VP Crop

Community Benefits

Muirhall South  injects a further £50,000 per year into the community’s worthy causes, further supporting the local and wider population. This is in addition to the current investment from the Muirhall Windfarm and Muirhall Windfarm Extension. The development investment for this project is expected to be circa £14 million.

The community investment fund from the 3 turbine Muirhall South does not include Muirhall Energy’s historic, current and progressive sponsorship and support of local causes such as local sporting teams and events and charities. The significant financial contributions Muirhall Energy make to the local and wider communities are as a direct result of developments such as Muirhall South.

The Environmental Statement’s Socio-Economic Chapter details the direct and indirect employment made possible by the Muirhall South proposal.

Environmental Benefits

With these new generation wind turbines, Muirhall South has the potential to assist in the realisation of the Scottish Governments energy targets while keeping environmental impacts to a minimum by way of a larger energy output per footprint.

It is estimated that Muirhall South offsets circa 10,848 tonnes of CO2 per annum whilst supplying up to 4,882 houses with electricity each year, over the 25 year operational lifetime.

An increase in renewable energy results in a reduction of fossil fuel reliance, leading to a stable and plentiful future supply of energy with the reduction in harmful CO2 emissions. This combination of safe and sustainable energy with reduced CO2 will aid in reducing the global warming effect caused by greenhouse gasses.

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