Planning Application submitted to Dumfries and Galloway Council October 2015.

Further Environmental Information submitted to the Council January 2017.


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A copy of the Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary is available here (11KB).

Loganhead Newsletter Update can be downloaded here(4MB)


8 Turbines = Approximately 3.2MW each
Total Installed Capacity = Approximately 25.6MW


Height to blade tip = Up to 135m

The Development

Muirhall Energy has submitted an application for consent to build a wind farm at Loganhead, approximately 15km north east of Lockerbie and 4km northwest of the town of Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway. The site has been selected due to its good wind speeds and location outwith any statutory designations for landscape or nature interest. The site has also been identified as an ‘Area of Search for large scale wind turbines’ as defined by Dumfries and Galloway Council Policy. The site is located within a large commercial forestry plantation.

Loganhead Cover Calfield Rig Crop

Shared Ownership

The development at Loganhead wind farm would bring a unique opportunity for the local community to own up to 10% of the proposals. This is a new model that we are working closely on with Local Energy Scotland who are a Scottish Government body set up to help deliver community ownership of renewables projects. Discussions to date have been very positive and we are keen to hear from anyone else who is interested. If you would like to find out more, please contact us directly.

Community Benefit

Muirhall Energy is committed to setting up a Community Benefit Fund and will engage with residents about options such as Shared Ownership. A fixed annual payment of £5,000 per megawatt (MW) of installed capacity will be provided, index-linked to account for inflation. This would amount to approximately £3.2 million over the 25 year lifetime of the proposed development.

Supporting Young People in Employment Training

Muirhall is keen to support Dumfries and Galloway Council’s ambitions to help young people into employment and training. Tourism and hospitality are widely recognised as important sectors to the Dumfries and Galloway economy and therefore we are proud to announce a new partnership with ‘Springboard’ – a charity dedicated to promoting hospitality and tourism as the career of choice throughout the UK. Working together, Muirhall and Springboard have created a custom-built programme for both pre and post-planning:


Two Introduction to Hospitality programmes for local unemployed people (10 participants in each). This is a three day immersive programme delivered out in the hospitality industry to help participants understand the roles in the industry and its value to the local economy. Participants will also receive customer care qualifications on completion. These programmes will continue post consent.


Two programmes (IWISH and Our Restaurant) will be run on an annual basis for young and unemployed people in the Annandale & Eskdale area. These will provide skills, recognised qualifications and fully supported work placements for up to 20 people over a period of seven and eight weeks respectively; and will be on offer for an initial five year period which will be reviewed thereafter depending on success.


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