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5 Turbines at 3.4MW capactiy each
Total Generating Capacity = 17MW


Height to blade tip = 132m
Rotor diameter = 104m
Hub Height = 80m

The Development

Muirhall Energy acquired Glentaggart wind farm from Infinis in 2017

An application for planning permission for Glentaggart wind farm was submitted by Infinis to South Lanarkshire Council in October 2011. The wind farm would comprise five turbines with maximum blade tip height from ground level of 132m (an approximate 80m hub height with three 52m blades) and a maximum electrical output of 17MW. Other components of the proposed development include transformers at the base of each turbine, underground cabling within the application site, a weather monitoring mast, tracks to allow access to each turbine and an electrical sub-station and control room.

It is planned to operate a small quarry (a borrow pit) on site only during the construction phase for a period of around eight months from where it is intended to extract material mainly for the construction of access tracks.

The wind farm development would include plans for continued woodland management over the area of the site.

Access to the wind farm would be provided by upgrading an existing private road from the B7078 at Mid Rig.

A copy of the non-technical summary of the main planning documents (including drawings showing the site location and turbine layout) can be accessed from the downloads above. The full planning documents can be viewed on the South Lanarkshire Council planning portal under reference number CL/11/0461.


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