Burton Wold South




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3 Turbines at 2.75MW capactiy each
Total Generating Capacity = 8.25MW


Height to blade tip = 135.5m
Rotor diameter = 120m
Hub Height = 75.5m

The Development

The 3-turbine wind farm project located near Burton Latimer in Northamptonshire, was initially developed by Infinergy, who obtained unanimous planning permission from Kettering Borough Council in March 2015. Since then, renewable energy investors WWS and Muirhall Energy have come on board in the project.

The project is installed on land to the south of the original 10-turbine Burton Wold Wind Farm. Installation was completed in March 2017 and the wind farm is now fully operational.

The wind turbine technology, hubs, blades and a full service package will be provided by GE. Each wind turbine has a generating capacity of 2.75MW. The overall height of the turbines is 135.5m, with a rotor span of 120m and a hub height of 75.5m. A Community Benefit Fund of up to £41,250 per annum (index linked) will fund local projects and initiatives in Burton Latimer, the hosting town. The wind farm has an expected life span of up to 25 years.




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