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While Covid-19 restrictions are in place, Muirhall Energy has had to change the way we work but not our commitment to  excellent community engagement. Project Lead for Greengairs East Wind Farm, Jamie Leslie can be reached by phone on 01501 785088 or email at


wind turbine


wind turbine

125 m

wind turbine




The planning consent which was awarded by North Lanarkshire Council in January 2019 for 8 turbines is available to view through North Lanarkshire Council’s online planning portal under the reference number 12/00602/FUL.

The 2019 application to modify turbine sizes can be accessed using the reference number 19/01292/S42.

The planning portal can be accessed here:


  • 8 Turbines = Between 2 and 3MW each
  • Total Installed Capacity = Between 16 and 24MW


  • Height to blade tip = Up to 125m

Press Release: Green Light for Greengairs East Wind Farm

A copy of the Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary is available here (10.6MB).


S42 Comparative ZTV – 125m vs 149.9m

VP3 – View edge of Greengairs

VP5 – View from edge of Plains

VP6 – View from Hillend Reservoir


Muirhall Energy was granted consent to develop Greengairs East Wind Farm in January 2019. The site is located between Greengairs and Caldercruix, in North Lanarkshire. The turbines are located outwith any international, national, regional or local environmental designations and an Environmental Impact Assessment has been provided in support of the planning application.
An application to vary the current consent has been submitted and was validated by North Lanarkshire council on 24th of October 2019. This Application seeks to allow the installation of modern turbines , capable of producing approximately twice as much electricity as the consented development. The overall height of the turbines from base to blade tip would increase from 125m to 149.9m; the hub height would remain similar to the consented height at approximately 80m. The main design change is therefore to the length of the turbine blades.
The Environmental Impact Assessment has been updated with further information in support of the 2019 application.


Memorandums of Understanding have been agreed with four community groups to administer a community investment fund of £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity. We anticipate the combined annual fund will be in the region of £192,000 per annum, or £4.8m over the lifetime of the wind farm; a boost from £120,000 per annum, reflecting the increased generation potential of the higher tip-height.

Muirhall Energy is committed to working with local companies to maximise the wider economic benefits of the development in the community.