Project Description

The construction of Crossdykes Wind Farm is considered to be a site of Critical National Infrastructure. Muirhall Energy and our contractors continue to adhere to the strict guidance issued by Scottish and UK Governments, HSE and industry bodies to ensure the safety of our workers and that of the community.

For any further information, please contact Senior Project Manager Stephen Corr;


wind turbine


wind turbine

176.5 m

wind turbine



Concrete Pours to Commence

In line with the guidance from Scottish and UK government, works on the Crossdykes project have continued in recent weeks as the project is deemed Critical National Infrastructure. We have now finalised revised working plans for concrete pours and these are scheduled to commence from 12th May 2020.

The concrete pours will be supplied from two separate batching plants, the first from the Grange concrete plant at Lockerbie which will approach from the west along the B7068 to Paddockhole bridge and then using the C80a to site. The second is a temporary batching plant established at the main Grange Quarry on the B7068 and will approach Paddockhole from the east.

Initially, the foundations are planned to be completed in two-part pours which could see two-pours per week, however we are looking to reduce this to single pours if possible. As this is the most intrusive interface with the local road network, every effort to minimise disruption is being made. Additional traffic management will be in place to manage to local road network on pour days, this will include dedicated banksman at strategic locations, namely Paddockhole, Whitcastles and at the site entrance.

We have now completed two of the 10 foundation pours on site. The next planned pours are Thursday 21st May 2020 and Wednesday 27th May 2020. We will continue to provide updates as we progress.

The £100,000 IIF which was announced in September attracted a huge amount of interest, with close to £400,000 worth of applications from over 50 groups submitted. We have now committed the whole £100k, which has meant some difficult decisions along the way; however, we are delighted as to where the funds are being spent.  A few examples:

£5,000 to Lockerbie Ice Rink and Curling School, for new curling equipment such as brushes, pads, sliders and delivery sticks; and also to allow for all children’s coaching sessions to be free for the 2019/20 season.

£3,000 to Langholm Playcare for; 1) enhancing small outside play area by upgrading the surfacing, erecting a child-friendly barrier and purchasing a two-way walkie talkie system, and 2) to purchase a CCTV system to enhance safety and security.

£5,000 towards the Lockerbie Gala Day.

£5,000 to Waterbeck Church, to go towards refurbishment costs.

£1,125 to Lockerbie Girl Guides, to pay for patio tables and a fire pit for outdoor cooking in the garden outside their building.

£5,000 to Langholm Pipe Band, to pay for new equipment and clothing, such as kilts, jackets, glengarry hats and drum sticks.

Many thanks to all who spent the time in preparing and submitting an application. To see a full list of IIF recipients, please click here.


  • Planning approved by Dumfries & Galloway Council March 2018.
  • S42 for tip increase approved in June 2019.


  • 10 turbines = 4.8 MW each.
  • Total Installed Capacity = Up to 48MW, however generation capped at 46MW.


  • Height to blade tip = up to 176.5m.


Muirhall Energy has received planning consent for an application to build a wind farm at Crossdykes, 11km North-West of Langholm, and 13km North-East of Lockerbie. The project has been thoroughly and sensitively designed to relate to the local landscape and is: within Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Potential ‘Area of Search for Large Scale Wind Energy Developments’; Outside of any international, national, regional or local environmental designations; and is outwith the recommended 15km Eskdalemuir ‘Exclusion Zone’.

A series of public consultation events have been held to gather feedback from the community on the proposed development.

An Environmental Impact Assessment has been undertaken and follows the advice provided through the scoping process.

A section 42 application to vary the tip height from 149.9m to 176.5m was approved by Dumfries and Galloway Council in June 2019.

Shared Ownership

The development at Crossdykes wind farm would bring a unique opportunity for the local community to own up to 10% of the proposals. The Developer has made an offer to a number of the closest community councils and community organisations, and to date, discussions have been very positive.

In order to help the community understand how the shared ownership offering could work, the Developer has employed an established accountancy firm – experienced in community ownership on other projects throughout Scotland to produce a prospectus which provides details of the project and a number of illustrative scenarios of how the community could finance their equity share and the likely dividends.


In addition to the shared ownership offering, community benefit will be offered and payable regardless of whether the shared ownership offering is taken up.

An annual fund of £322,000 (£7,000 per megawatt) will be put in place for the long term benefit of neighbouring communities. This amounts to £8 million over the 25 year lifetime of the wind farm.

Supporting Young People in Employment Training

Muirhall is keen to support Dumfries and Galloway Council’s ambitions to help young people into employment and training. Tourism and hospitality are widely recognised as important sectors to the Dumfries and Galloway economy and therefore we are proud of our unique partnership with ‘Springboard UK’ – – a charity dedicated to promoting hospitality and tourism as the career of choice throughout the UK.

Working together, Muirhall and Springboard will offer a variety of programmes to be run on an annual basis for young and unemployed people in the Annandale & Eskdale area. These will provide skills, recognised qualifications and fully supported work placements for up to 20 people each year, and will be for an initial five year period, following the construction of the Wind Farm.