Project Description


wind turbine


wind turbine

130 m

wind turbine




Planning Consented


  • 4 Turbines at 3MW capacity each
  • Total Generating Capacity = 12MW


  • Height to blade tip = 130m
  • Rotor diameter = 90m
  • Hub height = 85m


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Muirhall Energy acquired the four-turbine Bullamoor Wind Farm from Infinis in July 2017.

Bullamoor Wind Farm was granted planning consent by Hambleton District Council in December 2010. The scheme, which will be located approximately 4km north-east of Northallerton and 2km south-east of Brompton in North Yorkshire, is expected to have a capacity of 10 to 12MW with tip heights of up to 132m, depending on turbines selected.

Bullamoor is an ideal site for a wind farm due to its exposed location on a broad ridge, elevated above the surrounding land, which creates good wind conditions. There are also no environmental designations on the site.

One of the planning conditions (condition 7) for Bullamoor Wind Farm requires that a solution to the anticipated interference on the air traffic control radar at RAF Leeming be provided prior to the construction of any turbines.

The MoD’S Technology Demonstration was undertaken in the summer of 2013. The purpose of this was to review the technology currently available to provide a solution to the problem of wind turbine interference to radars. The results have now been assessed and the industry is awaiting further feedback from the MoD in relation to the steps that are to be undertaken to progress this.

Once satisfactory results are obtained, the safety case can be completed and the necessary equipment procured. Unfortunately timescales for this are not known due to the complexity of the arrangements for the purchase and operation of the equipment.

Work will commence on discharging the remaining planning conditions for Bullamoor Wind Farm once a proven solution to Condition 7 has been identified. Only after the satisfactory discharge of all necessary planning conditions will Muirhall Energy be permitted to commence construction of the Bullamoor wind farm.

Muirhall Energy will also be working with the Northallerton and Villages Community Forum to develop the proposals in relation to community benefits from the wind farm.