As of February 2016, Muirhall Energy has reached a major milestone by exceeding £500,000 of community benefit donations, made by our wind farm projects across Scotland.

This has been achieved through donations to community organisations, council funds, sponsorships, and partnerships for further training.

When the Muirhall South Windfarm extension goes live next month, another £50,000 will be added to the annual community benefit payments made by Muirhall Energy, taking it beyond £200,000 paid out each year.

Muirhall Energy is proud of the part we are playing in supporting Scotland’s communities who are benefiting from £10million every year from renewable energy projects, as was announced by the Scottish Government in December 2015.  Especially when, as a small, independent Scottish developer, we are contributing what is essentially over 2% of the total community benefit figure for onshore renewables in Scotland.

Chris Walker, Managing Director said:

“Muirhall Energy has always been focussed and committed to helping the local communities. ‘Delivering Ambitions’ is part of our ethos and we are very pleased to see that through the positive impact our wind farms are having, we are continuing to create opportunities and underpin sustainability in rural areas.

The community is at the heart of how the company approaches its developments, and for us, passing the £500,000 mark is a great achievement.  With more projects in the pipeline we expect this figure to increase substantially over the next two years.”

Woolfords, Auchengray and Tarbrax Improvement Foundation (WAT IF) is a community charity based in South Lanarkshire, which receives £81,000 each year from Muirhall Windfarm developments, in order to support the implementation of a local community action plan.

Development officer Jemma Black said:

“Having a long-term fund for our community is fantastic as it gives us the opportunity to deliver the local residents’ vision for their communities, and allows us to support many local groups through easy-to-access grant schemes.”

The Haven, a charity which offers support for people affected by life limiting illnesses, is set to be allocated a £170,000 grant, agreed by South Lanarkshire Council’s Enterprise Committee. The grant, 50% of which comes from the Muirhall Renewable Energy Fund will go some way towards the cost of rebuilding The Haven’s Clydesdale facility which provides a unique service in this rural location.

The new centre will allow for future demand for the service for clients, their families and their carers.

Chair of the South Lanarkshire Council Enterprise Services Committee, Councillor Chris Thompson, said:

“I am delighted that the committee agreed to award this money to the Haven. Like so many other people across South Lanarkshire I am convinced of the need for this type of facility on our doorstep and I know the Forth centre offers a really unique service to rural Clydesdale.

Once completed, this brand new facility will have a real impact and be a source of strength and encouragement for people from all over South Lanarkshire for many years to come.”

8th March 2016

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