Langholm’s Christmas lights committee has had a timely boost to its funds. As preparations begin to start putting the lights along the High Street, Muirhall Energy announced it would give a £2,000 grant towards the cost of refurbishing the lights.

Betty Harkness, committee chairwoman, said:

“We’re delighted that Muirhall Energy is going to sponsor the Christmas lights. The £2,000 will cover some of the costs of the refurbishing the lights so it will certainly help.”

Jason Morin, Assistant Project Manager for Muirhall, said:

“We are delighted to sponsor this year’s Langholm Christmas lights. This furthers our commitment to ensuring communities share in the benefits that our renewable energy projects bring. We are very much looking forward to the 5th December switch-on.”

Muirhall Energy of Lanarkshire is currently working on two wind farm projects at Crossdykes and Loganhead.

The company has committed to creating an annual fund of £208,000 for its Loganhead project, four kilometres north west of Langholm for use by neighbouring communities should planning permission be granted.

It is making £6.6m worth of construction contracts available to the area and has committed to making up to 10 per cent of the wind farm available for community ownership. It is currently working with a number of community groups who are looking into the feasibility of taking this forward.

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11th November 2015