Muirhall Energy offered a contribution of £20 per household per month towards the cost of buying logs to tackle fuel poverty. Alternatively, we also offered match funding towards the cost of home insulation improvements up to a maximum contribution of £250.

This initiative is in response to suggestions from community groups and local residents which we received through meetings for our planned wind farm at Caplich by Oykel Bridge.

As part of the development, we are offering local communities the opportunity to invest in a 10% share in the wind farm as well as providing a community benefit fund of £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity.

The log fuel and home insulation support scheme is intended as a trial for potential community benefit initiatives once the wind farm becomes operational.

We will run this trial offer from October 2014 until 31st March 2015, with the intention of offering a similar programme the following winter.

29th October 2014