A Public Local Inquiry was held for Caplich in June 2017.


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A copy of the Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary is available here.


20 Turbines at 3.4MW capactiy each
Total Generating Capacity = 68MW


Height to blade tip = 132m
Rotor diameter = 104m
Hub Height = 80m

The Development

Muirhall Energy has submitted an application for consent to build a wind farm at Caplich, 5km North of Oykel Bridge. It is hoped that the wind farm will be developed in partnership with local community groups who could hold a share ownership of up to 10% of the wind farm company. The proposed development site is approximately 10km from Rosehall, 20km from Lairg and 25km from Ullapool. The site has been chosen due to its setting within a natural basin which partially screens views from neighbouring settlements and much of the surrounding area. Visibility modelling suggests that the wind farm will be visible to a maximum of 4 homes within 5km and 8 homes within 10km.

An Environmental Impact Assessment has been undertaken and follows the advice provided through the scoping process. The wind farm layout has 20 turbines, each with a generating capacity of 3.4MW and a blade tip height of 132m.

Community Benefit

It is anticipated that approximately £81 million will be spent within the Scottish economy to realise this project at the currently proposed scale, £5 million of which will be spent directly within the local area through local contractors and suppliers.

There is a substantial community benefit package of £5,000 per megawatt installed at Caplich equating to an annual payment of £340,000. In addition to this, a Recreational Enhancement Fund of £34,000 per year will be available for the improvement of tourism and visitor amenities and the employment of local labour in the Assynt-Coigach National Scenic Area.

Shared Ownership

Muirhall Energy is working with Local Energy Scotland to offer the nearby communities a shared ownership in Caplich Wind Farm. Further details of the shared ownership offer are provided on Local Energy Scotland’s Partnership Portal and within our shared ownership brochure.

Public Consultation

Public Exhibitions were held in June 2014 and the feedback which we’ve been given by the community as a whole has informed the design of the wind farm in the following ways:

Caplich Landscape


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